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Solar E-Cycles & IBMA

IBMA offer

The functions of our products are multiple: the delivery of goods (classical or refrigeration), the transport of persons (Bike Taxi or tourist bike rental), family transportation, street trading (classical, cooling or fast food) waste collection, mobile communication (Street Marketing), the infrastructure platform (Solar-E-Cycle) for rural off-grid in Africa for sustainable economic development. The commercial presentation perfectly illustrates the uses of our products. This growing market in all countries, regardless of use, this growth to 2 digits. The global market is estimated at 5 million units besides population growth of 3.5 billion people expected in Africa until the end of the century. The interest of the establishment in Morocco is its location, distribution hub between Europe and Africa. Its logistics infrastructure, its competent and competitive human resources, the will of the Kingdom to be at the forefront of sustainable development and ecology and economic partner in Africa confirms our choice. Our strategy is to penetrate every market segment in each country with a marketing and sales strategy adapted to the target. The distribution will be provided according to the size of the market by importers / distributors / resellers, direct sales or by creating filiales.Les project leaders have the technical expertise, market knowledge and the experience necessary for the success of this project.


Using a fully renewable energy Solar-E-Cycle requires little maintenance or operating expenditure. Its range of 40 km per day and daily energy 3kWh bring systemic change in the economies of remote rural areas in developing countries.

Both in rural and in urban areas. The present world including Morocco needs such innovation, facilitating transport for small distances (in universities, factories, tourist places like Marrakech, between the villages ...). Without fuel or gas, one hundred percent based on solar energy and Moroccan design. Without producing waste having a negative effect on the environment, cheap and able to meet a need of the entire population.

Our offers:

Eco-Tourism For those who want to discover some landscapes of the Moroccan nature and its extraordinary biodiversity and live a unique experience . The SOLAR CYCLES E provides a unique solar vehicle, you can embark on the discovery of the cultural wealth of our country without polluting the environment.

Status Use of Solar-E-Cycle will improve mobility for the whole family; allow better market access and a more productive use of time for value-added activities. Families can use the Solar-E-Cycle to fetch water more efficiently. In the house, the electricity generated by solar PV Solar-E-Cycle will improve the quality of life, education and health of all family members. The Solar-E-Cycle will impact on the time available for study or to generate income, to socialize, conduct of public affairs and communication.



Dominique Turcas - 06 55 40 47 69 - ibmaturcas@gmail.com

Morocco / Kenya / Canada:

Roger Christen - +212 6 38 38 72 23 – solarecycles@gmail.com


Leslie McBride - 06 17 16 79 25 - ibmamcbride@gmail.com


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